Perils of Man

Perils of Man is a forthcoming 3D adventure game centered around a teenage girl named Ana Eberling, who is thrown into a hidden world of time-travel, global catastrophe and personal triumph when she uncovers a lost technology with the potential to eliminate all the uncertainties of life. Ana rapidly finds herself in over her head, navigating a series of predicaments that are dangerous, bizarre, and sometimes both at once.

In the Fall of 2011 as part of  their 150-year anniversary, world-leading reinsurer Swiss Re sponsored IF Games‘ creation of a high concept video game to promote the power of play with a game that sparks dialog around concepts of risk in a purely entertaining way for a younger audience.

We created a 3D adventure game where the player can control Ana Eberling in her quest to uncover the mystery behind her father’s disappearance. For this game our goal was to appeal to a younger audience of casual gamers who seek high-end 3D visuals and challenging gameplay. By delivering a premium game experience within seamless, 3D doll-house environments we are able to tap into this passionate audience to generate buzz and create discussions around the theme of risk and risk management without mentioning the word insurance once throughout the game. Perils of Man is the result of a unique team of collaborators including Ex-LucasArts Game Designer Bill Tiller and Gene Moscy who were brought in to create unique puzzles evolving around the theme of risk.

Perils of Man will release an iPad demo on March 11th, 2014.